Hundreds of sports exercises have been collected on this site for trainers instructors teachers.

All exercises were made with the Gestics Sport software, an easy-to-use program, full of galleries with generic and specific tools, player models, playgrounds, trajectory arrows and areas, symbols and other graphic objects needed for The realization of play schemes and exercises in all the most popular sports.

The present material is granted in a totally free form for consultation and personal use, but it is forbidden to reproduce copies on paper or computer media or to publish to other sites without the written permission that may be required at the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Instead, it is possible to include references and links referring to this site on other sites or on any paper or computer media.


List of software used for the realization of the exercises



The material is collected and organized by type of sport and can be consulted without the registration of the site, but for better viewing it is advisable to register for free so you can take advantage of all the benefits for registered users.


Comparative Table of Benefits reserved for All Registered Users
Unregistered users:
  1. Display a single randomly selected exercise at a time
  2. There is no way to search and view exercises by type
  3. See only one previous and next exercise without the possibility of direct link to recall it
Registered users:
  1. View and navigate all exercises by browsing through convenient links
  2. Display exercises by type and effect of exercise through a convenient menu
  3. View the three previous exercises and the next three exercises with thumbnails and titles and with the active link to recall it

...and shortly so many other benefits for registered users:
Unregistered users:
  1. No possibility of creating their own exercises
  2. No opportunity to create your own personal gallery of exercises
  3. There is no way to create training sessions with personal or shared exercises
Registered users:
  1. Possibility to create your own exercises
  2. Possibility to create your own personal gallery of exercises
  3. Possibility to create training sessions with personal or shared exercises


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